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Invest in our crypto mining company and earn cryptocurrencies. You do not need to buy cryptocurrencies to make your financial dreams come true.

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Crypto mining as an investment vehicle

We miners are a fundamental part of any cryptocurrency system that operates within a Blockchain network.

Thanks to the contribution of our time and computing power to solve complex mathematical problems, we provide a so-called “proof of work” for the network, thus verifying transactions and in this process we obtain rewards in cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies obtained by crypto mining are distributed among our investors according to the capital contributed by each one.

Benefits of invest in our crypto mining farm

Invest in crypto mining farm helps capitalize on your savings. Our Bitcoin crypto mining company pays interest on cryptocurrencies. This means that regardless of the price change, you can get more profit if your price increases.

Traditional investors buy cryptocurrencies and wait for their price to rise. In our crypto mining service, you should not buy cryptocurrencies to increase your capital, but for a single investment, you receive cryptocurrencies as payment.


The indicated yields correspond to our crypto mining plans. These returns represent the profits that entered the wallets of our investors.

Know the cost of operating in Ricemining here

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Why do monthly returns vary?

Yields are calculated taking into account the price of the cryptocurrency and the difficulty of the network (hashrate). For this reason there are no fixed returns.

What does percentage yield mean?

The percentage indicates your earnings for the month, for example in July the return was 2.5%. If you invested $1000, you got $25 profit that month.

Join Crypto Mining

Our investment strategy in crypto mining is one of the most competitive in the market. We generate higher returns for you than our competitors thanks to our extensive experience setting up and managing mining algorithms like SHA-256, Ethash, Equihash, Autolykos and more.
Our operating costs are on average lower.

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Invest in Crypto Mining

Earn cryptocurrencies every month for your participation in our crypto mining company

Bitcoin is the world’s first largest blockchain. Just as Ethereum’s cryptocurrency is (ETH), in Bitcoin its cryptocurrency is BTC.

Bitcoin uses the proof-of-work consensus protocol, this means that our clients can invest in crypto mining without worrying about the future of Bitcoin as it will always be PoW. Instead, other cryptocurrencies are migrating to new consensus models like Ethereum, which will soon become unminable.

Our business model focuses on obtaining a minimum percentage of profits for company expansion, maintenance and administrative expenses.

Ricemining crypto mining investment
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Every month you automatically receive your cryptocurrencies in your virtual wallet. You do not need to request withdrawal of earnings.

Your contract has limited risk, in the worst case your profits will be lower but you will not lose money.

Investor income Crypto Mining Services - Ricemining Company

Investor income for crypto mining services

When the investor contributes his capital to ricemining, he obtains in exchange participation according to 2 factors:

  1. Investment capital
  2. Power of ricemining computational equipment

Depending on the investment made by the inverter, a power is assigned which is measured in MH/s (MegaHashes/second).
Then that power is added to the total ricemining computational power, meaning a percentage of it, after 30 days, the mined total is divided based on the percentage of power provided by each inverter.

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Do you still have questions to invest in crypto mining farm? We help you

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How does the Ricemining service work?

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Ask your questions

Our support team will be happy to help you resolve your concerns before you invest.

Create your account and buy a plan - ricemining

Create your account and buy a plan

Our legal team will send you your contract that you must sign to obtain the right to profits.

Your earnings in your wallet - Ricemining

Your earnings in your wallet

Every month, you receive your cryptocurrencies in your virtual wallet.

What happens when someone makes a transaction?

The operation is similar to a traditional bank. When a person makes an online transaction, the system checks its legitimacy. Unlike a bank, the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem is decentralized and there is no one person who regulates the entire system.

How a transaction works on the Ethereum blockchain - Ricemining Company

How do we calculate investor earnings?

mathematical formula for paying interest to investors - Ricemining

* The power obtained from the investment is variable according to the exchange rate and availability of the equipment at the time of purchase.
**The USDT/ETH exchange rate is variable depending on the market.

FAQS about investing in Crypto Mining

Why should you choose Ricemining to invest in Crypto Mining?2021-12-17T12:35:16+00:00

We are the first crypto mining company to put investors’ interests before our own.

We have the cleanest profile of reviews on the major crypto mining directories: G2 and SourceForge.

We offer the highest monthly returns to our investors.

Online support 365 days a year.

Monthly meetings with investors through Meets/Zoom.

Is it safe to invest in crypto mining companies?2021-12-07T21:46:13+00:00

Any investment carries risk. We cannot assure you that you will have the best returns each month. We are constantly working to improve our production costs and choose the best mining algorithms to obtain the maximum benefits for our crypto mining investors.

I am an investor, but I do not know about cryptocurrencies.2021-12-07T21:43:53+00:00

Ricemining’s support team is ready to help you. We offer support via Telegram, Email and help tickets in the client area.

How and when do you pay my interest for investing in crypto mining?2021-12-07T21:42:43+00:00

Every month, you receive to your selected virtual wallet (we currently support Wallet ETH from Binance or Metamask). You can reinvest these interests or simply save, sell or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. The choice is yours!

What return do I get if I invest in Ricemining crypto mining?2021-12-17T12:47:59+00:00

The return or (ROI) varies among other factors, due to the price of the cryptocurrency that we extract. The higher the value of the cryptocurrency, the lower the ROI and the higher the profitability.

The average return of investors in Ricemining is 10% per month.
Of course, this return is not fixed nor can we guarantee that it will remain the same percentage.

Who are miners?2021-12-07T21:36:41+00:00

Miners are people like you, who make their computer equipment (graphic cards) available to the network, in order to validate transactions. A miner is not an entity or government that regulates crypto mining, a miner is one more link in the block validation chain. For verifying transactions, miners receive cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

What is cryptocurrency mining?2021-12-07T21:33:21+00:00

Cryptocurrency mining is the process that miners carry out through computer equipment which verify the transactions carried out on the network, for example Bitcoin or Ethereum, by means of complex mathematical calculations measured in (hashes).

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