There is no doubt that NFT games are here to stay, competing today with traditional console and computer games. What most attracts users or gamers is the possibility of earning money by playing, something that not long ago only professional gamers could aspire to. However, earning money with NFT games is a reality that more and more gamers are joining. In this opportunity, we tell you the best 5 free NFT games to earn money without investing.

Video game development studios continue to move into blockchain-based games such as NFT. Despite the advances and new titles being released, there is an underlying problem: most of these games are pay-to-win. There are free alternatives, the trick is to find NFT games that are free and that you can also earn money by playing.

According to a survey conducted at the World Game Developers Conference, more than 70% believe that they will not implement NFT or blockchain in their games. However, this could change in the future due to the increasingly overwhelming number of users joining the ecosystem.

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In this article, we have looked at 5 completely free NFT games that allow you to start playing immediately and earn cryptocurrencies in the form of tokens that can be sold or traded on the cryptocurrency market.

5 Best Free NFT Games to Earn Money

  1. Gods Unchained
  2. Guild of Guardians
  3. Chainmonsters
  4. Splinterlands
  5. Coin Hunt World

Below we explain each NFT game in detail so you can decide which one to start with depending on your tastes and favourite modes of fun.

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NFT Game: Gods Unchained

If you like card games, Gods Unchained is for you. It’s the trendy free game that allows you to fight against other users through a starting pool of 140 cards which is given to you completely free of charge. These cards cannot be sold as they are not integrated into the blockchain. However, the more you play, the more you get Common Core rewards (cards) which also cannot be sold. So how do you make money with this NFT game if you can’t sell the cards? Through the “Flux” tool available in the game itself, you can merge the duplicate cards you got in Common Core. These new cards you get, you can then sell on the market and receive Ethereum in return.

In conclusion, the process of playing Gods Unchained and earning money is as follows:

  1. Receive your initial 140 cards for signing up
  2. Play against other users and earn Common Core cards
  3. Win games against other users and get Flux
  4. Use the in-game tool to merge duplicate Common Core cards
  5. Sell these new cards on the market and earn Ethereum cryptocurrencies

Official website of the free NFT game Gods Unchained:

Before we begin, we invite you to watch the official Gods Unchained trailer to decide if this NFT game is for you:

NFT Game: Guild of Guardians

Mobile gaming has seen exponential growth over the last few years, and NFT mobile gaming is no exception. Guild of Guardians is set to launch on mobile devices in 2022 and you can pre-register today.

The main feature of the Guild of Guardians NFT role-playing game is that players will actually be able to own their items (through NFT). It will also not be necessary to spend money to win (pay to win). According to its FAQ page, Guild of Guardians will allow its players to earn heroes and items without investing money.

Official website of the free NFT game Guild of Guardians:

Before you pre-register, we invite you to watch the official Guild of Guardians trailer to decide if this NFT game is for you:

NFT Game: Chainmonsters

For fans of Pokémon or similar styles like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Chainmonsters offers a relative similarity. What you need to know about the NFT Chainmonsters game is that it is based on the FLOW blockchain where the user can store Chainmons and in-game items that can then be sold on the NFT marketplace.

Another new feature of Chainmonsters is that, according to the developers, it will be released on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox soon.

Currently, the game is in the final beta stage with over 10,000 active players. You can sign up and start playing for free.

Official website of the free NFT game Chainmonsters:

Before you start catching monsters in Chainmonsters, we invite you to watch the official trailer to decide if this NFT game is for you:

NFT game: SplinterLands

The HIVE blockchain also has interesting free NFT games, such is the case of SplinterLands. This game is card-based and you can buy and sell cards on the SplinterLands nft marketplace.

However, despite being completely free, this NFT game requires that when you decide to participate in the buy and sell market, you must purchase the Summoner’s Spellbook which currently costs $10 USD. By doing so, you will gain full access to your keys and be able to earn rewards and then sell them.

The goal of the SplinterLands NFT game is to get players involved with the game and not just sign up to earn free money. And what better way to get involved than to pay a small fee, which not only allows you to participate in the in-game marketplace, but you also get your keys and the Summoner’s Spellbook.

Official website of the free NFT game Chainmonsters:

Before you start fighting against other players and trading, we invite you to watch the official trailer to decide if this NFT game is for you:

NFT Game: Coin Hunt World

We leave for the end of this article a different mobile NFT game focused on finance and being a free NFT game and earn money. The game Coin Hunt World is basically based on the player earning cryptocurrencies or tokens. As in Pokémon Go, in this NFT game you have to travel the world and as you progress you will find keys. These keys will allow you to unlock vaults. The moment you unlock a vault, the game will start a kind of trivia game (questions and riddles) and if you answer correctly, you will win cryptocurrencies.

 According to the game’s statistics, players have won more than USD 1,500,000 in game items and cryptocurrencies.

At the moment, Coin Hunt World is available in the USA, Philippines, Canada, El Salvador (bitcoin lovers) and the UK.

Official website of the free NFT game Coin Hunt World:

Before you go through the game in search of keys and vaults, we invite you to watch the official trailer to decide if this NFT game is for you:

Bonus: Axie Infinity Scholarships

Axie Infinity is like Bitcoin to cryptocurrencies. It would be sacrilege to show you 5 free NFT games where you can win money and not mention Axie Infinity. While nowadays you need to invest money to play Axie Infinity, you can also play for free if you get a scholarship to play it.

These scholarships are awarded by other Axie players in exchange for a share of the rewards you earn. The player gets approximately 50-60%. These scholarships are managed by the Managers and Academics of the game.

Due to the fame and growth of players within this famous NFT game, it can be difficult to get the scholarship, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Where to get a scholarship for Axie Infinity?

Only on the Official Discord of the game: here, you can get a scholarship. The demand of players applying for scholarships is very high so it won’t be an easy task, but if you succeed you will be able to earn money playing this NFT game.

We hope you found this article useful. Do you know of another free NFT game worth trying? Leave us your comments to discuss and talk about it.

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