MATIC is the native token of the Polygon network and is used as a utility token to pay the tx fee for each transaction within the network. If we want to move our tokens, for example WETH from Polygon to an exchange, we will need to pay the transaction fee through MATIC. The problem is when the tx fee is higher than the MATIC balance available in our virtual wallet.

To solve this problem, we compiled some quick and easy solutions that will allow us the cheapest way to get MATIC on Polygon and be able to move our cryptocurrencies.

What is a cryptocurrency faucet?

A crypto faucet is a website or application that allows you to obtain cryptocurrencies in a limited way and in minimal amounts to make transactions with it. Many cryptocurrencies have both official and third-party faucets.

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How to get MATIC with Faucet

Through the Polygon network, we can get MATIC for our transactions. It is important to know that this MATIC faucet gives you the token only if you do not have any MATIC in your wallet. This faucet is ideal for virtual wallets with 0 MATIC. Visit MATIC Supply to get a MATIC token.

Click on the link, verify that you are a human through the captcha and hit the Connect button.

faucet matic ricemining


Now it will ask you to connect to your virtual wallet, in this case Metamask. Accept the connection and then click Receive. Now the Polygon faucet will send MATIC to your wallet.

polygon faucet ricemining

Get MATIC by exchanging a token for MATIC through Polygon Swap for Gas

The above way serves to get MATIC for free, but sometimes it may not work or take too long for our purposes.

For the case where we are in urgent need of MATIC to pay for our gas transactions within Polygon, there is the option to convert our tokens to MATIC and receive these MATIC in our wallet.

To do this, we will have to go to Polygon’s official website and in the menu, click on Swap for GAS. Then connect our wallet, which in our case is Metamask.

swap for gas token


Steps to buy MATIC for gas for your transactions

  1. Select quantity of MATIC
  2. Select the token of which you have balance to exchange
  3. Approve the transaction
  4. Make the swap

Once inside, we will see a screen where we can choose how many MATIC we want to purchase and exchange for one of our tokens. It is as if you were buying MATIC but with your cryptocurrency. Depending on the number of transactions you want to make, choose the amount of MATIC. Most of the time you will need less than 1 MATIC. We choose 1 MATIC.

Then you will need to select the token for which you have balance from the list. Polygon will automatically make the conversion between the price of MATIC and the price of your selected cryptocurrency.

swap for gas token 1 matic

Finally you will need to approve the swap. Once done, click on the SWAP button and you will receive your MATICs in your connected virtual wallet.

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Do you know of more ways to get MATICs to pay for your gas transactions at Polygon? Let us know in the comments so we can add them.

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