The world’s largest exchange, Binance, launched the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) in 2020 with the aim of complementing the previous network: BC (Binance Chain). Through Metamask, it is possible to add the BSC and make transactions between Metamask and BSC.

What is the difference between Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain?

The BC supports only the BEP-2 token standard but doesn’t include the ERC-20 token standard, because of it the exchange decided to launch the BSC network, which is compatible with ERC-20 tokens, one year after the Binance Chain was launched.

Prerequisites to add BSC to Metamask

  1. Install Metamask browser or smartphone.
  2. Add the BSC network.
  3. Do transactions.

The main advantage of using BSC on Metamask is that you do not need to complete the KYC process on the exchange, but through Metamask you can send and receive tokens anonymously within the Binance Smart Chain. You do not need to have an account created and verified on

How to add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

If you already have the Metamask wallet installed, the next step is to add a new RPC network. Open Metamask, go to Settings – Networks.

add bnb chain to metamask

Click on the blue Add NETWORK button.

Now, you will see a new window asking you to fill in fields with BSC information.

This data is static, once you add it, you will have the BSC network permanently available in Metamask.

add bnb chain network to metamask wallet

In each field, complete according to the following information.


Network Name: Binance Smart Chain Mainnet


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

It should look like this:

add binance smart chain network to metamask wallet

Finally, click on Save.

Binance Smart Chain is now available on Metamask!

Remember that if you are doing this on your browser or smartphone, you will need to replicate the process of adding BSC to Metamask on your other devices.

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Update February 20, 2022: BSC changes name to BNB Chain (Build’N Build)

Binance updated the name of the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network to the new BNB Chain which, despite popular belief that it bears the same name as the “bnb” token, means Build’N Build.

According to Binance, the network outgrows the company and believes it is time for it to evolve on its own and with the support of the community. This renaming of the brand and the blockchain also includes 41 validators, 20 more than at BSC.

From this change the network will continuously scale and integrate SocialFi, GameFi and Metaverse. This change means a decentralization of the network and a partial disconnection from Binance.

Do I have to update the network data in Metamask?

No, if you wish you can change the network name in your configuration since BSC is in the past, but the contract and your tokens still work the same way.

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