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Investing in cryptocurrencies is the opportunity of a lifetime, which can help you grow personally and professionally. Join our cryptocurrency mining company today to start building your financial life.

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What do we do in ricemining?

Our crypto mining business model was planned so that anyone in the world with a small capital can obtain cryptocurrencies without having to buy them. We help capitalize on worker savings.

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What you need to know

  • Investors receive monthly interest in cryptocurrencies for their participation in the company.


Ricemining investors have access to all the advantages that cryptocurrencies have to offer. Possibility of savings and economic growth as the integration of blockchain in society progresses.


We pursue the same goal of cryptocurrencies, data anonymization.

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Three years
to grow

Contract with a duration of 3 years and possibility of renewal.

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Reinvest for
more options

Possibility of reinvesting your earnings to increase your capital.

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A safe and smart way to invest in public crypto mining

We base our business units on different cryptocurrencies and blockchain ecosystems to minimize risks.

How to get started with us


No entrance fees

No fees for investing or withdrawing.


Active Users

Every day more users join our big crypto mining company.

Custom packages

We design investment packages tailored to each investor. From the smallest to the largest.

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Ethereum crypto mining Company

We handle the crypto mining for you, so all you have to do is wait and get paid every month.

  • It generates monthly returns based on the computational power of ricemining.

  • Receive the returns in your virtual wallet in cryptocurrencies. You decide what to do.

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Staking your Cryptocurrencies

Generate returns by investing your cryptocurrencies in ricemining. Choose the duration time.

  • Receive interest for investing your cryptocurrencies. Choose the duration of the fixed term.

  • You do not need a minimum capital, the cryptocurrencies that you leave in staking become more interests for you.

The best crypto mining company to invest

The profits belong to the users, that is our motto and we want you to be part of those who win.

  • We care about climate change and we are committed to green energy for our mining equipment.

  • We are the new environmentally friendly crypto mining farm company.

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Discover the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency mining

Anyone can participate in our company. With a friendly user interface and 24/7 support, everyone will get Ethereum (ETH) without the need to buy cryptocurrencies.