Is your Polygon Matic Network not working on Metamask? This time we tell you how to solve this problem so you can see your tokens and the balance of your virtual wallet in the Polygon network from Metamask.

In recent days, users of the Polygon network (ex Matic), have expressed their problems accessing the network from Metamask. The general message users get when trying to access this network from Metamask is “sorry there was an error“.

You should not worry as your funds are in your possession and are still in your Metamask wallet, the rather technical inconvenience is that you cannot view them correctly or even if you have cryptocurrencies, you get the message “cannot load the balance“.

How to load the Polygon Matic network on Metamask

The problem lies in the fact that Metamask cannot obtain your account details from the web address, (url), that the Polygon network occupies. To solve this problem you just need to change the url address of the “RCP” Matic network.

Step by step to load Matic from Metamask

  1. Open your Metamask wallet and go to your account symbol, then click on the Settings cogwheel.metamask conectar rpc matic
  2. Select the Networks option and then click on the Matic network with the name you have assigned to it, in our case: Matic Mainnet.matic mainnet metamask
  3. Now you must edit the field called “New RPC URL” and add any of the following url addresses:

In our case we chose but you can use whichever you prefer.

direccion url matic rpc metamask

  1. Click on the blue Save button and that’s it, you can see your tokens and make transactions again.

For more information, you can visit Polygon’s official website here.

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