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Crypto Mining Hosting Services2022-09-20T16:24:56+00:00

Mining Hosting Services

We provide remote mining hosting for ASIC and GPU miners. Less cost, more profit for you.

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Electric Cost
$0,04 kw/h



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Add Crypto Mining to your investment portfolio

Traditional investors now have the ability to expand their horizons by investing in safe, reliable and scaled cryptocurrency production.
Crypto mining has become a predictable investment vehicle for hardcore users.
A way to invest in cryptocurrencies without buying them with a return on investment over time.
Ricemining has at your disposal all the necessary equipment for you to become a miner, hardware, refrigeration, physical installations, electricity and a human team with great experience and values.

Crypto Mining Hosting Services all in one

Our hosting service for mining operations includes the maintenance, start-up, periodic control and configuration of your mining equipment, whether it is ASIC or GPU.
Whatever hardware you want to use and whatever algorithm you have decided to mine, we take care of building your rig with asic or gpu, both AMD and NVIDIA.
Our goal is simple: The highest ROI for you.
We are the best mining hosting service because we add value through continuous support and resolution of concerns from our customers.

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How does our Mining Hosting work?

Our mining hosting system is secure, and easy to implement. Our qualified team does everything for you. Just make sure you have a wallet to receive your winnings.

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Our mining hosting facilities are located in Argentina, Mendoza, San Rafael.
A safe city for your hardware, average annual temperature of 28º and with 5 hydroelectric dams that provide electricity 24 hours a day.

Argentina is a country with potential for large-scale mining operations, due to the human and technical resources available that make it competitive compared to other mining hosting countries such as the USA or Canada.
Low electrical cost and affordable labor to maximize profits.

Our service includes all the legal, accounting and technical aspects that your new mining farm needs. Ricemining includes: electrical cost, symmetric internet, periodic maintenance, replacement of damaged components, environmental ventilation, power supplies, electrical and network cabling, equipment structures, Network Switches, ASIC miners and AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

Our crypto mining facilities have 360º security cameras, with motion, facial recognition and remote alarm functions. In addition, each crypto mining farm is configured to detect the availability of equipment online, as soon as a rig is disconnected from the network, both you and our technical support team will receive an alert.

mining algorithms offered by the Ricemining service

You can choose to mine the algorithm that suits you best

Depending on the mining hardware you want to use, you will be able to choose to mine any compatible algorithm. Currently, our mining hosting service allows you to obtain cryptocurrencies from:

  • bitcoin
  • ethereum
  • zcash
  • dash
  • litecoin
  • ergo
  • ethereum classic

You can decide when to switch algorithms and maximize your profits. As soon as you select another cryptocurrency to mine, your asic or gpu will be configured for this new algorithm immediately.

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Not ready to Create your own Crypto Mining Farm yet?

Some of our clients do not feel ready to invest in a large-scale mining farm. We have designed a simple and practical business model for them.
Simply select your preferred hash power and start earning monthly cryptocurrencies in your virtual wallet.
Learn more about our crypto mining service here.

Services included through a partnership agreement between Ricemining and you

Our mining hosting model allows you to maintain control of your hardware as if it were physically on our premises.

  • Hardware management

  • Electrical power

  • Hardware ventilation by air

  • Symmetric internet connection

  • Physical and remote security

  • Support and technical support

  • Configuration and startup of the miner

  • 24×7 monitoring of the mining rig

  • Automatic restarts and shutdowns based on rules

  • Firmware and software updates

  • Hash rate control (maximum returns)

  • Privacy and complete control over your miner

Why choose Ricemining mining hosting services?

Our experience allows us to offer unique advantages that are reflected in the ROI of your investment.
We advise you on what algorithms you should be mining, overclocking settings, firmware updates and more.

why choose ricemining crypto mining hosting services
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How much does hosted mining cost?2022-08-10T12:41:47+00:00

Depending on the mining hosting provider you choose, prices range from $40 to over $100 per month.

What is a crypto mining hosting?2022-08-10T12:41:39+00:00

Hosted mining is the service offered by third-party providers who take care of maintaining, configuring and monitoring your mining equipment for you. The equipment is owned by you and you have full access to your miner.

What happens if the power goes out in my crypto mining hosting?2022-08-10T12:41:28+00:00

We have generator sets that can withstand several hours supplying power to the mining ASICs.

Is Hosted Bitcoin Mining Profitable?2022-08-10T12:32:58+00:00

Per day, more than 900 BTC are mined, at a current price of $23,000 each is more than 20 million dollars obtained by hosted mining.

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